The United International Network of Christian Colleges (U.I.N.C.C.) is a global objective of United Team International, a Ministerial Fellowship comprised of Christian Leaders from around the world who have come together in a united effort to established Christian Education and Leadership Training Institutes throughout the various nations of the earth.

UINCC has a large collection of classes. Download our course catalog and information guide.


United States
1. Community Church International - Thief River Falls

Partner with UINCC

United International Network of Christian Colleges is an education program offered by United Team International, a ministry network focussed on meeting the needs of ministries around the world. UINCC membership is available to ministry partners of United Team International. To learn more about how to add UINCC to your current ministry roster, contact us.

Sample of Courses Available

  1. Foundations of Faith - Rev. Bayless Conley
  2. Supernatural Living - Dr. A.L. Gill
  3. New Testament Survey
  4. Praise and Worship - Dr. Lamar Boschman
  5. Power of Prayer - Dr. Dick Eastman
  6. Ministry of Helps - Dr. Buddy Bell
  7. Old Testament Survey
  8. Essence of the Gospel - Dr. Terry Law
  9. Jesus Our Healer Today - Rev. Bayless Conley
  10. Living By Faith - Dr. Bill Winston
  11. Church-based Training - Dr. Stan Dekovon
  12. Cell Groups - Rev. Larry Stockstill
  13. Power Evangelism - Dr. Reinhard Bonnke
  14. Leader's Integrity - Dr. Jack Hayford
  15. Leadership Vision - Dr. David Shibley
  16. Church Planting - Dr. Jim Feeney
  17. Being Led by the Spirit - Rev. Bayless Conley
  18. Promise Keepers - Dr. Ed Cole
  19. Altar Call - Rev. Jim Cobrae
  20. Wilderness Mentalities - Dr. Joyce Meyer
  21. Developing Leaders - Rev. Brian Houston
  22. Cell Group Leaders - Rev. Billy Hornsby
  23. Reconciliation - Dr. A.R. Bernard
  24. Personal Evangelism - Dr. Ray Comfort
  25. Spiritual Warfare - Rev. Dean Sherman
  26. Authority and Forgiveness - Rev. John Bevere
  27. Spiritual Breakthrough - Dr. Marilyn Hickey
  28. Christ Connection - Dr. T. L. Osborn
  29. Living to Give - Rev. Wayne Myers
  30. Biblical Eldership - Rev. Dick Benjamin
  31. Reaching a New Generation - Rev. Willie George
  32. Managing for Tomorrow - Rev. Jim Wideman
  33. Ministering to Youth - Rev. Blaine Bartel

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