Welcome, friends! We are entering a new mission field. A new day requires a new vision. We are gathering together to seek the Lord as we enter the new season.

We are holding a Personal Prophetic Ministry Time both Friday and Saturday nights from 5:30 to 6:30. Sign up for a 10 minute session with a ministry team here at the conference. These sessions are not recorded so please consider having your phone or other recorder ready. Husband and wife couples may sign up for two individual time slots.


International Hospitality

During the conference, there will be opportunities for you to gather with your closest friends from the farthest places over good food prepared by our hospitality staff. Whether it's coffee, soup and sandwiches, or your favorite dishes, you will find yourself in good company. We invite you to spend time getting to know someone new; establish new connections. As we unite together, the personal bonds and relationships we establish with each other are key to making a unified impact on the world, where ever you come from. When you return to your region, not only will you have the lasting impact of the message and ministry that you will receive, but you will also have a closer relationship with people from across the world.


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